HARUKAITO by island

photo_1:BIEN “DUSKDAWNDUST” installation view, photo by Naoki Takehisa

photo_2:Midori Kawano “BRAINWATCH” installation view, photo by Naoki Takehisa


HARUKAITO by island was launched in 2018 on the second floor of BLOCK HOUSE in Harajuku. Since opening the gallery in 2010, the gallery director, Haruka Ito, has been involved in a variety of activities, including holding exhibitions and participating in international art fairs, serving as the principal director of “Tekkojima Festival” and the mural painting program, “Tennoz Art Festival,” as well as the general director of “PROJET ATAMI.” With collaborators like the pioneer sound artist Akio Suzuki, the legendary noise musician/visual artist ∈Y∋, and other young artists of new media, Ito seeks to create a gallery that serves as a body for a new movement.




BLOCK HOUSE 2F, 6-12-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan