EASTEAST_ is a platform that introduces Tokyo/Japan based artists and art galleries to the domestic and international art scene, and facilitates cultural exchange among participants.
Our mission is to create a "Cultural Ecosystem" where the market economy, culture, and the arts interact in a democratic manner through the collaboration between leading next generation artists and “Art Players” such as gallerists, curators, enthusiasts, collectors, patrons, corporations, critics, etc.

The main venue will house art exhibits by participating galleries, video showcases, sound and live performances, discussion panels, viewing tours, food and drinks, and more. Additional off-site programs include video exhibits in Shibuya, music programmes at clubs and live houses, and other comprehensive presentations that allow visitors to immerse themselves with the values that underlie Tokyo's cultural scene and artist community.

Visitor Information

16–19 February 2023

16–17 February AM

*By invitation only

Science Museum
2-1 Kitanomarukōen, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0091

[1-Day Ticket]
General ¥ 2,000
/ Under 23 ¥ 1,000
[3-Day Ticket]
General ¥ 5,000
/ Under 23 ¥ 2,500

Tickets will be available on ArtSticker from 10am 16 December 2022