Masanao Hirayama

Born in Hyogo, 1976. Works and lives in Tokyo. Masanao Hirayama constantly produces drawings full of symbolic humor and tricks. He has held exhibitions in and out of Japan and also published multiple artbooks. Hirayama’s unique works combine symbolic figures from which the viewers can recognize the subject being drawn, together with the multilayered iconography of imperfect lines and momentum with his simple and repetitive approach. Recent solo exhibitions include “Painting of Town” clinic and Blue Bottle Coffee Sangenjaya (2022/Tokyo), “Painting” VOILLD (2021/Tokyo), “Henohenomoheji (The WALL vol.2)” 500m Museum (2021/Hokkaido), “Card” TALION GALLERY (2018/Tokyo). Recent group exhibitions include “Masanao Hirayama x Teppei Soutome” OBG eu (2022/Hyogo), “101 to 101” nidi gallery (2021/Tokyo), “The Technique of Optimism” BnA Alter Museum (2020/Kyoto), “Parplume University and Yoichi Umetsu” Watari-um Museum, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art (2017/Tokyo).