Kenji Misawa

1945  Born in Shinshu Shimmachi, Nagano City, Nagano

1968  Graduated Tama Art University in oil painting (under Prof. Yoshishige Saito)
1969  Took Grand Prize at the 1st International Exhibition of Modern Sculpture (Hakone Open-Air Museum)
1970  Visited 23 countries in one year before returning to Japan.
1983  Took the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Prize at the 16th Modern Art Exhibition. Exhibited 7 works with a total weight of over 45 tons on a hillside for “All-Over Walk Utsukushigahara” part of the 3rd Henry Moore Prize Exhibition, taking the Utsukushi-ga-Hara Open-Air Museum Prize, and marking the start of his work on giant rocks.
1984  Worked in Isamu Noguchi’s studio in the Overseas Study Program for Artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Completed the sculpture garden at the Iwaki City Art Museum, and the pond monument in Shakujii Park.
1986  Invited as guest artist by Harvard University, held a one-man show at the Carpenter Center there. Exhibited in a group show at the Jack Tilton Gallery in New York, attracting the attention of a curator of the Chrysler Museum of Art, which purchased his works for its collection.
1990  Giant stone monuments at the Enshunada Coastal Park (55 tons), and Ietopia Kobe Kitamachi Sculpture Park (granite, 120 tons). Chain monument for Nomura Real Estate in the Yokohama Business Park. Began work in spatial compositions, seeking the harmony of different materials such as stone and metal, or natural and artificial. He created new works of three-dimensional art while also developing new interpretations of traditional Japanese spatial aesthetics in the form of garden and environmental design and monuments.
1993  Lake Biwa Commemorative Park (Encounter Plaza), breakwater, 35-hectare walking path, and wharf. In recent years he has been active in projects involving the earth, including overall production of projects for lakes, dams, and river waterfront redevelopment.
1996  Stainless steel monument commemorating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the City of Fukuyama, 30 m. tall.
1998  One-man show at the Fukuyama Museum of Art (Fukuyama, Hiroshima prefecture).
2008 and 2012  Exhibition at the Domani Exhibition, and the Travel Exhibition, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Overseas Study Program for Artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, at the National Art Center (Roppongi, Tokyo).
2014  Connecting Heaven and Earth, a chain monument 7.5 m. tall, and Birth (marble), both for the OSG Corporation (Toyokawa).
2015  Rainbow Bridge, a chain monument for the OSG Corporation, 10 m. tall and 10 m. wide.




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