“BEAMS CULTUART” is a new project that brings together BEAMS’ art related labels and cultural dissemination on a global scale. BEAMS CULTUART will also pioneer new genres and develop new businesses in the cultural domain by utilizing the background and resources of BEAMS, which not has introduced diverse cultural contents through fashion, but also through music, art, and interior design to the world.


At EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023, BEAMS CULTUART will unveil the first of the curation, gallery operations, and other business developments that it will embark on in the future.

BEAMS CULTART will also response to EASTEAST_’s philosophy of encouraging cultural exchange between the next generation’s artists and art players and will establish a group exhibition with the concept by guest curator, Yoshidayama, as the foundation.

BEAMS CULTUART, each participating artist, and EASTEAST_ will create a synergistic energy through their interactions, to create opportunities to showcase various perspectives of the context.

Guest Curator


Art Amplifier
Born in Toyama,Japan, Yoshidayamar is the president of Floating Alps LLC.
Art Amplifier, a founder of an art space, a creator of his own artworks, a curator of art
exhibitions, a writer, etc.

Some of his recent major projects are ‘The eyes of the wind/風の目たち(obscura,トビリシ,2022), ‘MALOU A-F(Block House, Tokyo,2022),’ ‘のけもの(Arts Chiyoda 3331Rooftop, Tokyo,2021),’ ‘「芸術競技」+「オープニングセレモニー」(FL田SH,Tokyo,2020),’ ‘「インストールメンツ」 (Posting, address unknown, 2020).’


Takahiko Sato (BEAMS CULTUART) Producer

Shun Koura (BEAMS CREATIVE Inc.)