2023.2.18 | 16:00–17:00


Tour for Students

EEでは学生向けのビューイングツアーを行います。厳密には学生に限定せず、これからアートを勉強したい方、またはアートに関わる仕事に興味ある方向けに、ギャラリーやアーティストの紹介、またアートフェアとはどういうイベントであるのかなど基本的な解説を行います。 またツアーの最後には質疑応答やディスカッションを予定しています。


Toru Matsushita

Koto Kurasawa

Tour for Students

Date & Time:

February 18 16:00–17:00

The tour is scheduled to last approximately one hour, but may be extended. It is possible to leave/participate during the tour.


Science Museum 1F

Meet at Welcome Area (Behind the information desk)


Free (Please present your admission ticket when entering the venue)

Advance reservations not required.




Toru Matsushita (SIDE CORE)

Born in 1984 in Kanagawa, Japan. Completed the course in Advanced Art at Tokyo University of the Arts. Creates paintings using familiar chemical experiments and industrial production techniques. He creates paintings through the process of observing, manipulating, and editing patterns created automatically by systems, such as drawing with high-voltage electric current and painting with scientific changes in paint. He is also one of the directors of SIDE CORE, an art team that plans graffiti and other street culture projects, and writes about street culture in Japan and abroad.

Koto Kurasawa

1994年大阪生まれ。ロンドン芸術大学卒業。デザイン事務所 YAR を経て、2022年6月よりクリエイイティブオフィスSANAのメンバー。主なプロジェクトに、Hearth Kitchen、PARCO PRIDE WEEK「あいとあいまい」。