EE_Exhibition: About Validity

EE_Exhibiton is a special exhibition program that’s organized beyond the gallery regulations. This year is focused on gallery operations, exhibitions, and collective activities run by the artist themselves.

Below, is the curator’s text based on the proposal


About Validity

This project is a retrospective of the existing evaluation of value (price) in the framework of art events, with the aim of setting a new “validity”. In other words, it is a reconsideration of the evaluation based on the power of gathering. The strength of the gathering here corresponds to the evaluation/confidence suggested by the numbers seen on social networking services, etc. If it is possible to attract the masses, it can be said that the (evaluation) strength is high. However, is this really the case? Are we not caught in a deductive trap without realization? This is the question that prompted me to write this article. The American philosopher and aesthete Kendall Walton defined fiction as a kind of plaything, and in his book “What is Fiction? The fictional world is bound up with the set of fictional truths.” (Kendall Walton, What is Fiction, p70). Fiction as a kind of plaything (fiction) is exactly what most of us have experienced in our childhood. Therefore, it is necessary to reconstruct an evaluation axis that transcends the limitations of time and place before it is recognized as an extension of a hobby, and I hope this project will play a part in this process.


Ida Daisuke Artist

Yuhei Kobayashi (4649) Artist

Kurotaki Kiyoshi Director

Born in 1986. Currently is the curator and director of the art space ‘Dekameron’ in Shunjiki/ Kabukicho area.

MES Artist duo

MIRA新伝統 Art project

Fuyumi Murata (mumei) Artist

Jun Osato Artists

Yuu Takamizawa (4649) Artist

Naoki Takehisa Artist