EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN

EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN is a project presenting video, sound, and performance art curated by Jin Qiuyu (non-syntax) and JACKSON kaki. These media expressions will be treated as “time-based media,” media expressions based on a physical time axis. EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023’s centers around spreading the Japanese art scene’s ecosystem (artworks and communities) both domestically and internationally. By focusing on time-based media, this project aims to deal with art that is different from expressions that are not based on physical time, such as painting and sculpture. In particular, video is closely related to the development of technology, the evolution of the Internet environment, and the spread of social networking services, which allows digital data to be distributed without geographical restrictions, making it possible to experience artworks more and more close at hand. Given these characteristics, we believe that it is not appropriate to limit the works exhibited by the base of activity, and our objective is to develop works that transcend national borders. This project invites works from organizations with various attributes based not only in Tokyo and Japan, but also in Seoul, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Amsterdam, allowing visitors to peek into a unique ecosystem that is not dependent on any particular region.




BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery located in Sathorn surrounded by foreign embassies and establishments. The gallery seeks to support emerging and established artists, giving voice to all artistic forms and ideas. They focus on engaged conversations and research through collaborations that support their exhibitions, talks, and bookshop curated to complement ongoing programs. Aspiring to support the spirit of youth, the gallery also encourages young practitioners to realize their own capacities in the long term. Apart from the gallery’s main programs, BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY co-founded the annual festival BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR with STUDIO150, and founded OPEN FIELD, a non-profit organization, to support knowledge production and contemporary culture with Ghost, a triennial video and performance series.

香港聯合電台 Hong Kong Community Radio Hong Kong

Founded in 2016, Hong Kong Community Radio (HKCR) is a community platform and independent radio station comprised of creators, musicians, artists and fans with aims to broadcast and support independent works as an open platform.

The One Minutes Amsterdam

The One Minutes is a global platform for experimental video art working closely with various art education institutions internationally. The One Minutes Foundation produces and distributes One Minute videos, providing an international stage for people to create, engage and connect. Using the forces of video, The One Minutes wants to contribute to creating spaces for free expression, collective imagination, and global solidarity in our different, yet deeply interconnected realities. With the series, The One Minutes is active at the forefront of international contemporary art – series are in the Whitney’s collection. The foundation is also active in education and welfare with workshops for art students and newcomers all over the world and promotes social change with The One Minutes Jr. Artists enter into alliances with students, amateurs and young people. The One Minutes Collection consists of over 17,000 video works by artists from more than 120 countries.

就在藝術空間 Project Fulfill Art Space Taipei

In 2008, Project Fulfill Art Space was established in Taipei as a platform for the exchange of contemporary art.
Project Fulfill Art Space's key principle centers on the conditions of time and space, reflecting the values of site-specificity when approaching each exhibition concept. The gallery's name 'Project Fulfill' reflects our approach to each exhibition concept, where artists are invited to imagine the exhibition experience as a relationship with the environment, by integrating the gallery space; its characteristics and conditions into their artwork, echoing the notion of 'right here, right now' (which is also the meaning of Project Fulfill's Chinese name "Jui Zai"). The sensations and experiences found within each exhibition become unique creative experiences with both the artwork and its surroundings, transcending beyond a conventional gallery experience. Likewise each exhibition piece is not easily moved from one location to another, rather they become interwoven with the fabric of space and time in the here and now.
Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2018, Project Fulfill Art Space is recognized as a cornerstone for emerging and established artists in Taiwan's contemporary art scene,exhibiting a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, site specific installations, video and sound art. As a platform of exchange for contemporary art, Project Fulfill has collaborated with international artists across the Asia Pacific and beyond, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Australia and Turkey.

Supernormal.space Singapore

Supernormal.space is an independent art space that supports the development of experimental and technology-oriented art forms in Singapore. Working with diverse groups of artists that range from young, emerging artists to established artists, Supernormal aims to provide a fostering environment and platform at the intersection of art, technology, and science.

totalab Shanghai

totalab is a Shanghai-based curatorial practice and interdisciplinary research office with an independent space, founded in 2022 by curator Evonne Jiawei Yuan and artist Julian Junyuan Feng. totalab is dedicated to exploring digital society and its future, coordinating events through various media including art production, architectural performance, video experiments, and bodily imagination, thus deeply intervening in the reconstruction of the information world. totalab organizes exhibitions, seminars, and related publication projects at irregular intervals to play a useful, complementary role in the local cultural scene. Accommodated in the old French Concession, the 100 sqm private gallery of totalab is designed by its strategic ally Wang Jiayi, Director of the creative agency 16b9. She also provides visual communication for totalab.

WESS Seoul

WESS is a project and space co-operated by 11 Seoul-based curators, organized to provide a physical space befitting each curator’s activities, as well as a site through which to explore the possibility of autonomous and sustainable curatorial practices.
The exhibition/project by each curator takes place continuously in a single space, attempting to build a joint operating platform where each curator is able to discover his or her interests and outlooks. Launched in October 2019, WESS was co-organized by Hyejung Jang and Goeun Song, and joined by co-curators Junghyun Kim, Sungwoo Kim, Sunok Kim, Hyukgue Kwon, Jeeyoung Maeng, Suzy Park, Jihyun Shin, Sunghui Lee and Heeseung Choi.

EE_V/S/P Program Tokyo

A Japanese based project introducing video, sound, and performance art. They’ll be launched as a showcase for time based media at the EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 curated by Jin Qiuyu (Non-syntax) and JACKSON Kaki.



JACKSON kaki is Artist based in Japan.
He is involved in multimedia expressions such as VR/AR, 3DCG, video, installation, DJ, and sound performance.
He has worked as a curator and art project director, and in the past organized the art project "Imaginary Line" at CONTACT, a club in Shibuya.

Jin Qiuyu non-syntax

Born in Shanghai and based in Tokyo.
Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Nihon University College of Art Doctoral student, Graduate School of Global Art, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices, Tokyo University of the Arts. Since 2021, organises the Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival.


“non-syntax” begins by focusing on the experimental nature of image in the contemporary, linking practices across countries, reorganizing multiple media and genre, and bringing different images into dialogue with each other to consider the possibilities of image. “non-syntax” indicates the conflict that occurred in writing. The connection of two vocabularies creates a vacuum of meaning that is present itself via erased its gramma. Through this concept, we to create a highly dynamic state that is akin to a montage of jump cuts.
We hope to transgress the established boundary of creation, thereby dissolving the distinction between video art, film, documentary, performance, and animation, thus giving images a new potential for ambiguity. Through the alternative screening forms and space installation, we expect to break the spectatorship which consist of stare and stopover, and to synchronize our own state of sensibility in the interaction with the works, the audience, and the exhibition space.