EE_Activty: YEASTYEAST_ by 6okken

YEASTYEAST_ is a participatory project that is run by the artist run residence 6okken and EASTEAST_ to expand the future together.


At EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023, an opportunity to ponder about “the direction art and its surroundings is headed towards” with visitors will be provided. As a means of “Far-Mentation,” which is to think far away (mentation) identical to “fermentation”, three projects will be held: “Bakery far-mentaion” for consultation, “Talk” for drawing a destination, and “T-map printing” for getting out into the city.


In the “Bakery far-mentaion,” visitors and guest guides will engage in conversations whilst kneading bread. The guest guides will discuss individual questions such as “money,” “working environment,” and “what does it mean to be successful as an artist? and other questions each visitor may have that will be elaborated through the process of kneading, fermenting, baking, and eating bread.


“Talk” invites members of the Indonesian collective GUDSKUL as guests to imagine the destination based on the sensation of the goal. Let’s find hints for creating an ecosystem that encourages the younger generation to take on new challenges from their ongoing efforts after documenta 15.


Let’s deepen each participant’s thinking, and at the end, let’s move forward into ongoing practice. That’s what the tool “T-Map” is for. Let’s print a map of practice sites around Japan on a T-shirt and feel the signs of new beginnings. A town walking event will be held after the exhibition.

Bakery far-mentaion Guides

Chieko Nakagawa Assistant Curator, Towada Art Center

Taro Inamura Program Officer, The Saison Foundation

Miki Sasaki Poet

Born 1992 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Poet. Graduated from Hosei University, Faculty of Sociology. Completed graduate studies at the Department of Literature and Art, Graduate School of Art and Design, Nihon University (Dean of Degree Recipients, Nihon University). Researcher at the IAMS and doctoral student at the Graduate School of Complex Arts, Akita Public University of Fine Arts and Music.
His field of specialization is poetry and visual sociology. Based on a sociological perspective, he uses visual observation methods, mainly photography, to explore the emotions and memories inherent in each individual, and through the accumulation of fragments that evoke these memories, he attempts to explore the common and different 'poeticizes' that are common to today's society.

SNZ (Shinobazu by Junpei Mori, Arata Hasegawa and Riku Yamakawa)

Rika Nakashima Artist / Member of Datsuijo - (a) place to be naked

Yukako Ishikawa

Hisatomo Kato  CON_ Director/Founder

Rintaro Fuse Artist

Rintaro Fuse is a highly acclaimed artist who has collaborated with artists, poets, musicians, and designers of his generation to skillfully bring to light the cognitive and habitual changes and discomforts that exist in a rapidly developing media environment, such as the distance between people and society and the nature of communication.


Gudskul is a learning space open to the public, founded by three Jakarta-based art collectives: ruangrupa, Grafis Huru Hara and Serrum.Gudskul's goal is to unlearn existing knowledge from a diverse range of people in society, not just those who are considered 'trained' and 'knowledgeable', while decentralizing hypotheses of knowledge production that are prescribed by disciplines, enumerated by institutions or used only within a specialized scope.

MG Pringgotono Gudskul

Lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia; graduated from Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) in 2008.In 2006, together with a group of friends, he founded a teachers and artists collective known as SERRUM, which focuses on public education and arts education. He currently serves as Director of Gudskul Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies. MG has also contributed his skill to several art exhibitions, art director, exhibition designer and doing an upcycle-recycle project called Stuffo labs.

Muhammad Rifqi Fajri Gudskul

Born in 1995. He is an Indonesian product designer and design researcher whose works are positioned in between (artistic) practice and theory. Experiments through making functional products, exploring materials as well as creating social interventions. In recent years, He've joined and collaborated with ruruArtLab: an art laboratory of ruangrupa. Up until now, he've worked mainly on research and development of the Unconditional Design project, a design review that focuses on observing the users' tactics on making different functions of products or objects based on their own respective background. Also runs several Praktik Spasial projects for the subject of collective studies at Gudskul and as research-reading on space, architecture, design, and spatial sound.



"6okken" is an artist-run residence in Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture which will be set in six houses, where participants will live together, reflect and take actions through their practice within the environment they’re put in.

We define "artists" as those who "continuously confront something that will disappear from this world if they do not protect it" through their attitude, which this has led to cross-disciplinary exchanges that are not limited to contemporary art.