Gallery Soap, an alternative space in Kitakyushu, was launched in 1997 to introduce artists from both within and beyond Japan. Since then, they have organized exhibitions and events featuring various artists, including Dan Graham (US), Peter Harry, Charles Rim (Singapore), Miti Rangritia (Thailand), CANDY FACTORY, Hiroshi Fuji, Keita Egami, Yasuhide Moriyama, Umi Ishihara, Soh Souen and BABU. In collaboration with artists and researchers, the gallery has hosted various projects such as RE/ MAP (organized with Yoshitaka Mouri), Kitakyushu International Biennale (organized with Yoshihide Otomo), and HOTEL ASIA PROJECT (organized with Ni Kun, Chinese curator), in Berlin, Vienna, Singapore, Bangkok, Chongqing, Tokyo, and Yogyakarta.


2F, 1-8-23, Kajicho, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 802-0004, Japan