Gallery COMMON

Gallery COMMON was founded in 2010 by the creative agency en one tokyo. Rooted in Harajuku’s vibrant youth scene –whose eccentric youth culture has influenced artists and brands from across the globe – Gallery COMMON has become an intimate space where international creatives and trendsetters interact with the local scene. The gallery has been forthright in its vision to bridge the paradoxical yet symbiotic gap between fashion and art, street and commercial, and subculture and mainstream. With this mission at its core, the gallery has expanded its praxis, working with renowned and upcoming artists from diverse disciplines and cultures while participating in art fairs and collaborative projects throughout Japan. With Satoru Arai, one of the co-founders of en one tokyo as its director, Gallery COMMON aims to break down the outdated barriers between genre and industry, artist and audience, domestic and overseas— to find the common thread that connects us all.


B1F, 5-39-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

150-0001, Japan