Sayaka Maruyama

Sayaka Maruyama is a multi-disciplinary artist who traverses the medium of photography, drawings, books and short films.


“Life as a whole is a collective box of emotional experiences. ” A series of “memorandom” records the personal practices of Sayaka Maruyama between 2011-2019, including photography, drawings, paintings, collages, objects and extracted images from her short films. The ideas and thoughts randomly passing through her mind are visualized in various forms of expression, then translated into the form of a book by the artist herself. Maruyama feels it is more natural for her to instinctively translate her vision into images rather than into words. Rather than being completed and finished, these images retain all the beauty of the non-finito, they are still in the process of becoming and escape the trap of being categorized in a specific form. “I am simply interested in how we perceive beauty in our own perspective, react to it and make visible so that we can share with others.” How each person perceives the world can not always be explained logically. Maruyama gives importance to the act of recording indefinable emotions and moments. By binding her random memorandoms, these collected images, drawings and fragments of text weave multiple layered dialogues that result in a personal, poetic and tangible portrait of the artist. “I wonder if each reader will get a different feeling and interpretation of my works while leafing through this volume and in return how my work will be influenced by them.”