Tomihiro Kono

Hair, Head Prop, Wig Artist Tomihiro is an hair artist hailing from Japan, whose work ranges from hair styling, head prop design, to wig making. He has started his career as a hair dresser 20 years ago. After having trained hair cutting techniques as a hair dresser for about 10 years in Japan, he moved to London in 2007. There he started working as a session hair stylist, and began making head props, seeking for his distictive style, and also to blur the boundary between hair styling & head wear designs. His aim was to widen the potential of a sigle hair stylist’s work.


Since 2013, Tomihiro is based in New York. After having collaborated with Junya Watanabe comme des garcons between Fall 2014 – Fall 2017 Paris collections, In April 2017, he published his first book about his head prop designs, titled HEAD PROP studies 2013-2016.


In 2016 Tomihiro started shifting to wig making which is now he’s best known for. “I am basically into acquiring professional techniques and skills, like I did when I started hair cutting,” he says, “I think I have an artisan mind.” In 2020, he published his second book, titled PERSONAS 111 – The Art of Wig Making 2017-2020 when he established his wigs as masks for hair – and suggested his wigs as an item to search for our identity and/or new-self.


He collaborates with the international brand such as Maison Margiela, Heaven Marc Jacobs, Collina Strada, Yueqi Qi, and also with artists such as Bjork, New Jeans, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, HYUKOH, etc.


Apart from the work as an wig artist, he is a director konomad, a creative platform established in 2016 with his partner Sayaka Maruyama.