Itsuki Doi

Born in Hyogo, 1989. Ph.D. Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2019. The University of Tokyo Project Researcher. While researching subjective time creatively occurred inside artificial life and systems, Itsuki Doi has been working on the art exhibition under his name and as a member of company “Alternative Machine” in recent years. He participates research and development of “Humanoid Robot Alter” pursuing lifelikeness, and also works on programming, design and analysis of numerous projects of media art and contemporary art. Recent exhibitions include “I fogot how to see the sea” JINNAN HOUSE (2022/Tokyo), “Revision of Shadow” Talion Gallery (2021/Tokyo), “Probable Cause” HAPS (2020/Kyoto), “Dark Independent” -Undisclosed- (2020/Tokyo), “BeeWee” Talion Gallery (2020/Tokyo), “Alter” Itsuki Doi + Kohei Ogawa + Takashi Ikegami + Hiroshi Ishiguro x Justine Emard, Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions, Mori art museum (2019/Tokyo), “Ars Electronica” (2018/Lintz, Austria/Award of Distinction of Ars Electronica).