YAMAMOTO Layla(b. 1995) is a contemporary artist born and based in Tokyo and has enrolled in School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. She was granted Distinguished Merit Scholarship and Art Bash recommendation in SAIC. Her serieses of works have been known for its political criticality with historical context, coming from an experience of a stay in the United States confronting social norms surrounding women and cultural differences. Some people tend to simplify problems, like making them into dualism, however, the most distinguished part of her approach to social problems is attitude to undertake them as complex system even with its difficulty. Recent selected exhibitions include: Who said it was simple? (Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2022), After the quake (SOUYA HANDA PROJECTS, Tokyo, Japan, 2021), Bangkok Biennal (same gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2021), NEW NEW NEW Normal (Gallery MoMo, Tokyo, Japan, 2020).