Hyun Woo Lee

Hyun Woo Lee’s sculptures emphasize the ruthlessness and non-respect that the environment imposes on subordinated objects. The environment sometimes forcibly entangles or restricts those same objects, incapacitating their mode of existence. The 〈Untitled〉 series borrows the structure of the force exerted by the environment on the object, and the form of the sculpture is revealed as a single shape created by being consumed by such force. As a result, the conventional standards and values that make up any object disappear, and all objects that make up the sculpture return to the material itself, thereby acquiring horizontality. The subject, which is coercively fitted to the environment and to the sculpture, is fixed in a state where it can no longer perform its original function and is simply consumed as an image. This implies nature’s primordial dynamics, dominance logic, and chain structure, and at the same time, it seems to imply that the subject applying the physical force is not divided into the human/nature dichotomy, but is a phenomenon according to the ecological mechanism of the environment.