Born in 1983. Yamaguchi. Based in Tokyo. I create my works to “take actions that give birth to distortions in urban spaces and public rules, and record the behaviors that include reactions to the work”. Over the years, I have been involved in the design of buildings and cities. And I realized that since people’s feelings and behaviors are infinite, it is impossible to shape or to design them perfectly. Meanwhile, the feeling that is close to the desire in overcoming the impossibility of perfect design is the motivation for creating as an artist. In particular, the belief that urban design will inevitably lose its harmony is liberating how we connect ourselves with cities. As a concrete action, I work based on the intentions of a designer for city designs and rules, in the wrong way. For example, I would create artwork on places that are used in everyday lives, such as parks, shops, or trains, which cause the situation in which those places cannot be used in a conventionally-intended way. I trust the city because I live in it. However, like human beings, the city is not perfect. I hope to unravel the relationship between a city and its people to show how to interact in unexplored ways that may be possible.