Russell Maurice

Born in Newcastle, England in 1975. Lived in London for 20 years before moving to Japan, currently resides in Chigasaki. In 1983, at the age of only 8, Maurice came into contact with graffiti culture (and has been greatly influenced and involved ever since). At that time joining the underground network that existed in the pre-Internet era and exchanging photos with Graffiti writers from all over the world. Then using the photos he acquired to produce a zine documenting the Graffiti movement. In 1993, he launched ‘The Gasface’, the first apparel label in the UK to print Graffiti on T-shirts. He later changed the label’s name to ‘Gasius’. Maurice’s expression is interwoven with elements of animation, comics, and animism, his output includes semi abstract paintings, two and three-dimensional collages, sculpture, and photography. He has shown his work and organized exhibitions around the world and is one of the most important catalysts in the recent Comic-abstraction movement.