KMNR™ are collective was formed in 2020 by Gen Taniguchi, seventh generation papermaker from Nao Washi which has a 300-year history in the Nao region of Saga Prefecture, editor Yu Sakurai, and art director Ryohei Kaneda. By using traditional handmade Japanese papermaking techniques, the trio produce artworks using “Kankon-shi,” a type of recycled paper, which they created as a new-context medium.




-Gen Taniguchi Seventh generation papermaker from Nao Washi. Born in Saga Prefecture in 1990. After graduating from Kansai University with a degree in psychology and working for an apparel company, he joined Nao Washi, a Japanese papermaking studio that has been in business for over 300 years since the Edo period. While working in the family business of traditional Japanese paper production, he began creating works as the founder of KMNR™ around 2020.


-Yu Sakurai Editor. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1983. After completing his master’s degree at Osaka University of Foreign Studies, he worked for a publishing company before establishing TISSUE Inc. and publishing label TISSUE PAPERS in 2017, where he primarily engages in creative direction. He is involved in planning, editing, and directing in a wide range of fields, including print, websites, and spaces.


-Ryohei Kaneda Creative Director / Art Director. Virgo born in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1986. He began to teach him design production while studying at Hosei University, and moved to England after graduation. Upon returning to Japan, he joined groovisions in 2013, became a freelancer in 2018, and established the design studio YES in 2019.


Solo Exhibitions:






“TIMESCAPE” Muracekai, Tokyo

“Secret” OUCHI, NEW GEN GEN AN, Arita, Nagasaki

“Kyushu New ART 2021” Hankyu Hakata, Fukuoka


Group Exhibitions:



“8 – VOILLD 8th Anniversary Exhibition” VOILLD, Tokyo



“Interface of playing” Bonus Truck Gallery, Tokyo


Cliant Works (Selected):

2021 “Paper Fiber Socks” for Goldwin 2020 Works for “Stratum of time” Nagasaki Art Project.