Yudai Nishi

1991 Born in Aichi. 2014 Graduated from Kyoto seika university, Faculty of Design Department of Illustration, Illustration Course He began his activities while in school, and currently works from Tokyo. Focused on the production of works, his untiring activities are wide-ranging and include solo exhibits and participation in group exhibits, as well as creation of products using illustrations and his own artwork. Yudai Nishi is a painter currently based in Tokyo. His works remain composed of simple, stripped-down, powerful lines, selected bright and intense colors, motifs imbued with a sense of deja vu, or motifs transforming those into unique forms. While his works may easily be described as pop, they draw influence from the street art and other art that are the artist’s roots, and are designed in full through his confident ideas. Reflecting a familiarity at first glance, his works ironically reflect diverse senses of value with respect to substance in the modern age, complexly intertwined forms of communication, and the diversifying nature of individuality, to offer a look at universally familiar issues through the works.