Meriyasu Kataoka

She started activities in 2011. Mainly creates stuffed animals, moving toys, and glowing toys. Makes stuffed animals that can be played with and loved, not just displayed. Performed original puppet shows in various locations where she also appears as a script herself, She also works on various works such as manga, drawings, woodworking and clay. She is active in a wide range of fields, including works for commercial facility advertisements and collaboration with artists in different genres from stuffed animals to puppet shows. Solo Exhibitions (Selected) ・2022 “宇宙未知生物大公開” Error22, Tainan, Taiwan ・2021 ”A≠B≠C” VOILLD, Tokyo “Meriyasu’s doll house” Yokohama Doll Museum, Kanagawa “Dr. Spanner” nidi gallery, Tokyo ・2020 “Improving Lives! Meriyasu Club” museum shop T, Tokyo ・2019 “Doppelgänger” VOILLD, Tokyo ・2018 “HUMAN ANATOMY SHOW” VOILLD, Tokyo “DOLLS SHOW” Cosmoswholesale, Seoul, Korea ・2017 “Biodiversity” Lamp Harajuku, Tokyo ・2016 “MOTOR SHOW” VOILLD, Tokyo and more