Nick Atkins

Born in 1982, Boston and is an artist based in New York City. He creates art in various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and film. His work uses techniques of appropriation and montage to disrupt perceived narrative and imagery composed of historical references, pop icons, and his own idiosyncratic visual vocabulary. The humorous paintings also refers to digital realm, opposing the real world with cartoon characters that represent “the joy of living” and “sexual deviance”. He has exhibited “dog, ghost” (2021, CALM & PUNK GALLERY) and “ROID CYCLE” (2018, GALLERY TARGET) in Japan, and overseas at Entrance (New York, 2019), Mucciaccia Gallery (New York, 2020 and Rome, 2021), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (New York, 2020 and Rome, 2021). New York, 2020 and Rome, 2021).