Morine Liang

” I am Moyun Liang (b.1991 China), a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in the UK. I am a product of Chinese Single Child Policy. I was raised up by my grandparents till I was enrolled in a dance school at the age of eleven. Dance and body movement became my first artistic experience. During the years of learning dance, I was also simultaneously learning Guzheng, an ancient Chinese instrument. I moved to Singapore and obtained my first degree in Fine Art at LASALLE College of the Arts. I believe, painting, drawing, installation, video and performance art, these differing mediums are crucial in my exploration of art and that they also provide a platform for the exchange of ideas with my viewers. Most inspirations come from my daily life experiences. Upon finishing my degree in 2015, I had my first duo-solo exhibition at The Substation, Singapore 2016. In the same year, I was offered to read MFA at Ruskin School of Art, where I was greatly inspired in the movements like Surrealism and Concrete Poetry. The body is the core of my research practice. As a moving sculpture, body movements and visual aesthetics compliments each other to create astonishing and intriguing experiences. Examine body movements form a cultural and a theatrical background, I am fascinated to remove the frame of a body, to discover a bodily like body. While using body as a material form, I recognise the performability of language and concrete poetry. It performs through the meaning and the imagination of understanding, the words are able to perform without a body. Words are interesting, ambiguous and playful. Meanings are interesting, ambiguous and playful. Investigating from the body to body, the relationship between the two guides my practice. ”



● EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 Project Participating Artist ● EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN Selected by Supernormal.space