Photo_6:BUBU(left) , CAT(right) and baby Li Yu at BOLOHO


When eating jackfruit, people often throw away its center, not knowing that it can also be enjoyed as its own special delicacy. The name BOLOHO is a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese word for “jackfruit core,” which initiated by BUBU(Liu Jiawen) and CAT(Huang Wanshan) in 2019, with Zhu Jianlin, Li Zhiyong and Fong Waiking joining later as full members. At the beginning, BOLOHO was more like a business venture between BUBU and CAT, two family women working away from home, and a place to get some fresh air where we could sort out our lives and work. After more than three years, the project has gradually developed into a “company” platform based on the principles of self-discipline, equality and mutual-aid, providing work for collaborators as well as friends like us who cannot make a living from art alone. BOLOHO also allows us to better understand how to live and work communally when taking jobs together, and provides the opportunity to think about, discern and solve some of the real issues that we are all faced with.


● EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 Project Participating Artist ● EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN Selected by The One Minutes