Shu Yonezawa

Born in Tokyo in 1999. Artist and animator. She is creating works about the physicality of characters in current digital animation and the mental physicality and emotions possessed by creatures in real space, as well as the atmosphere of the space in which these animations live. Major works/solo-exhibitions includes “no name” (Tokyo arts and space Hongo [OPEN SITE7], 2022), “Anima of extinction” (exhibition「samsa planet」, 2022), “Obake no B’ the movie” (NTT ICC, 2022), “Places exist place” (Atami City, Hidden Village in Atami, 2022). Major exhibitions include “This-Display” (Calm & Punk Gallery, 2021) and “AB” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery, 2020), a two-person show with Ushio Chicken. Major collaborations include the music video “Nitecore – Heartbeat” (directed by Fantasista Utamaro), animation for the music video “I want to meet you…” by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Hasegawa Hakushi. Artwork for the single “Umi no Namae” by KAIRUI, etc.





● EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 Project Participating Artist ● EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN Selected by EE_V/S/P Program