Photo_1: Photo by Fumika Endo.

Photo_2: Rhino (Installation View) / Year of production: 2021

Photo credit: Takehiro Goto (or Photo by Takehiro Goto)

Photo credit: Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22

Photo_3: Ami / A-MI / Year of production: 2022

Photo_4: Ami / A-MI / Year of production: 2022

Photo_5: REVOLIC -revolution holic//revolution addiction- (party view).

2022 / Photo: Fumika Endo


MES are Tokyo-based artist duo consisting of Kanae Tanikawa and Takeru Arai. Since forming in 2015, MES has been making art installations and scenographic direction at parties and music events.Their objective is to bridge club culture and contemporary art, by observing society from a peripheral position.As seen in the ‘LASER WRI/LIGH-TING’ series, where they shoot lasers at buildings, the duo makes frequent use of laser, thermography and existing surroundings to create sculptural and atmospheric installations by observing society from a peripheral position between club culture and contemporary art. Recent exhibitions include: “Planet Samsa”, “TOKIWA fantasia 2021”, “Reborn Art Festival 2021 summer”, and the solo show “DISTANCE OF RESISTANCE/teikou no kyori”





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