Community Agreement

EASTEAST_ is a platform that promotes cultural exchange between artists, gallerists, and other players in the art world, and people involved in fields of expression such as design, music, publishing, and advertising. The events and exhibition spaces we host must be a safer space for all people with different values and identities, where their individuality is recognized and free and non-discriminatory expression is respected.

We ask that everyone involved in EASTEAST_ including artists, exhibiting galleries, visitors, and staff, observe the following and participate in creating a creative space supported by mutual respect.

Inclusion and respect for all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race, nationality, age, appearance, physical characteristics, social background, faith, economic status, mental illness or disability. This includes the prohibition of discriminatory remarks, harassment, and defamatory posts on social media.

Avoid harassment, stalking, and inappropriate physical contact in exhibition spaces and event venues.

Respect the moderators, artists, and visitors, and refrain from interfering with talk sessions, screenings, or other events.

Showing commitment to prioritize the health of the community, for example by refraining from participating in events if you are not feeling well.

To be aware of the privileges you have, and to refrain from abusing power related to race, gender, status, or economic power.

If you feel your safety is jeopardized or that you are being harassed, ask for help from those around you or from staff members. If you see someone in trouble in the exhibition spaces or event venues, notify a staff member. If you ever need to reach out or inquire, please contact us HERE.

The Community Agreement is a promise and a statement between EASTEAST_ and all participants to ensure a safer space.