EASTEAST_ will host a new art event "EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023" from Thursday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19, 2023, at the Science Museum located in Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. (*VIP preview on Thursday, February 16, and until 14:00 on Friday, February 17.)

EASTEAST_ is a platform that introduces Tokyo/Japan based artists and art galleries to the domestic and international art scene, and facilitates cultural exchange among participants. Our mission is to create a "Cultural Ecosystem" where the market economy, culture, and the arts interact in a democratic manner through the collaboration between leading next generation artists and their collaborators i.e. “Art Players” such as gallerists, curators, critics, enthusiasts, collectors, patrons, and corporations.

Building on the 2020 “EAST EAST_Tokyo” art fair, the inaugural edition of the revamped “EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023” art event will play host to approximately 25 galleries mainly based in the Tokyo area at the Science Museum in Kitanomaru Park, not far from the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. In addition to art exhibits and sales, and art project introductions held by participating galleries, there will also be video showcases, sound and live performances, discussion panels, viewing tours, and food and drinks. Additional off-site programs will include video exhibits on the streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku, music programs at clubs and live houses, and other comprehensive presentations that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the values that underlie Tokyo's cultural scene and artist communities.

The operational team at EASTEAST_ is a loose-knit group of artists, gallerists, and other art industry professionals, as well as creators and industrialists in fields such as design, music, publishing, and advertising. Through the process of “creating art events,” team members engage in dialogue about the issues they face in the Japanese art and creative scene with their own unique global networks, and are committed to working in collaboration with artists, creators, public institutions, and corporations. This fundamental effort serves as the backbone of current and future EASTEAST_ endeavors, as the team members evolve with the times.

EASTEAST_는 도쿄와 일본을 거점으로 활동하는 아티스트, 아트 갤러리를 국내외에 소개하고, 참가자 간의 문화 교류를 촉진하기 위한 플랫폼입니다.
차세대 아티스트와 그 협동자인 아트 플레이어가 제휴하여, 시장 경제와 문화·예술이 공평하게 작용하는 ‘문화적 에코 시스템’ 창조를 목표합니다.

메인 행사장에서는 출전 갤러리의 작품 전시를 비롯해 영상, 사운드, 라이브 퍼포먼스, 토론, 뷰잉 투어, 푸드&드링크 등의 콘텐츠를 만나보실 수 있습니다. 또한, 외부 프로그램으로 시부야 거리에서의 영상 작품 전시, 클럽이나 라이브 하우스에서의 음악 프로그램 등 도쿄의 컬쳐 씬이나 아티스트들의 커뮤니티 가치관을 체험할 수 있는 포괄적 프레젠테이션을 실시합니다.

*아트 플레이어 : 갤러리스트, 큐레이터, 관람자, 컬렉터, 후원가, 기업, 학예사, 비평가 등


EASTEAST_旨在创造一个 "文化生态系统",通过帮助次世代艺术家与艺术参与者间完成合作,达成市场经济与文化・艺术间的和谐共生。

主会场的展示内容包括参展画廊的艺术品展览、影像、声音、现场表演、讨论、作品导览、饮食休闲区域等。 场外活动还将包括涩谷街头的影像作品展览,Club和Live House的现场表演等,让参与者能全方位体验东京文化界和艺术家社群的世界观和价值观。


Organized by EASTEAST_ Executive Committee

Supported by Arts Councli Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

In cooperation with ArtSticker

Masaaki Ando / Production
Mai Ebine / English Translation
GROUP / Space Design
Sogo Hiraiwa / Editor
Cho Hyesu / Korean Translation
Hayato Ichimura / Sound
Hidetoshi Inanaga / Constructor
Junpei Inoue (YAR) / Web Design
Semmei Kai / Sound
Tomoya Kishimoto / Projection Coordinator
Nao Kobayashi / Head of Event Operations
Koto Kurasawa (SANA, Inc.) / Associate Director & Head of Communications
Kiyoshi Kurotaki (Decameron) / Associate Director & Gallery Relations
LEIYA / English Translation
Kei Nagata / CG
Yusuke Nakano / Director
Yusuke Nanbu / Head of Event Operations & Corporate Relations
Yuya Nihei / Constructor
maho nishikawa / Graphic Design
Shinjiro Nishino (GAS AS INTERFACE) / Corporate Relations
Moe Nishiyama / Editor
Ora Margolis / English Proofreading
Masatoshi Murata / Production
Mariko Okazaki (REFLECTA, Inc.) / Art Direction & Graphic Design
past inc. / Web Programming
hitoshi sato / Lighting
Taku Sato (PARCEL) / Advisor
Sei Saito / English Translation
SATSUKA, Inc. The Institute of Art, Okutama / Constructor
SIDE CORE / Advisor
Yuta Takeda (LOGS Inc.) / Founder
Yayoi Tanimoto / VIP Relations
Lisa Tanimura / Social Media
Misako Taoka (REFLECTA, Inc.) / Graphic Design
Shinji Torigoe (CNG) / Head of Production
Kazuko Yasui / Event Administration
Wang Yuzhou / Chinese Translation
Noriyuki Watanabe / Associate Director & Gallery Relations